[lazarus] CVS Committed

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jan 31 10:38:37 EST 2001

Great!  I wasn't sure if it would be noticable or not.  Glad to hear it is.

Also, glad to hear I committed everything!

>>> cwhite at aracnet.com 01/31/01 09:18AM >>>
I just tried it and Wow! It is much faster than the other editor.


Shane Miller wrote:
> I have committed to CVS.
> Changes include :  TSourceEditor now uses TSynEdit as it's editor.  This works faster and looks better and seems to be more reliable.
> TStatusBar : Now functional.  Works pretty well.
> TSourceEditor: Right-Clicking on the editor gives you a number on features that DO work.
> EditorOptions: Clicking on Environment - Options brings up a dialog.  Currently most features don't seem to work but having the editor built is a big step in the right direction.  Some "newbies" could work on implementing the dialog into Lazarus......
> Please check this out and let me know if I have missed any files!!!!
> Shane

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