[lazarus] A Useful Pascal Editor

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jan 31 15:44:09 EST 2001

In delphi you can hold Ctrl-Tab and you will jump to the next editor and Ctrl-Shift-Tab jump to the previous.  Under Linux, Ctrl-Tab will switch you to another desktop so that doesn't work.  So I changed it.

To go to the NEXT tab press Ctrl-Shift-S and to go to the PREVIOUS tab select Ctrl-Shift-A


>>> SMiller1 at stvgb.org 01/31/01 02:24PM >>>
OK, I was thinking of creating a list of "needs" that people think they need to begin using Lazarus as a Pacal Editor.  Not neccesarily a RAD IDE but just a Pascal Editor for now.

Matiias had sent me some thoughts and I'll list them here and their status.  Please comment on them, add to them and I will keep the list updated.

List :

Open/Save/Close files :  90% working

Syntax Highlighting : 95% completed

Open Save Project files: 45% completed

Editor Options : 75% completed

Statusbar with column, line, modified... : 90%

Changing between files: 85%

Shortcuts for saving/loading : 10%

code templates : 80%

Procedure Definition/Code jumping with Shift-Ctrl-Cursor Up/Down 85%

Find Feature 85%

Anything else "needed"?


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