[lazarus] A Useful Pascal Editor

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Wed Jan 31 16:35:54 EST 2001


Column blocking is now working.

Ctrl-Shift-C changes it to Column blocking.  Ctrl-Shift-N changes it to Normal.

Also, Ctrl-O will OPEN a file and Ctrl-S will now save the currently active file.

Along with the Ctrl-Shift-S and A I will add the Alt-0-9 functions.

Someone writing all this down???  :-)


>>> marcov at Stack.nl 01/31/01 03:06PM >>>
> Open/Save/Close files :  90% working

- Wordstar compatible block commands
- column block.
- alt-0..9 change to editor window 0..9 if that exists.

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