[lazarus] Pascal Code Editor

Marius Popa mapopa at netsoft.ro
Fri Jun 15 17:19:40 EDT 2001

Gues what is the best code editor ?
Whell the final answer is .............:
Lazarus ;o)
This is what i use and i want to learn ...
Eat You'r own dog food said someone from RedHat (use what you build so you can improove )
Shure lazarus is not mine but i can learn what is behind an ide or rad
Still i have problems compiling projects but for writing pascal code is good 
the only thing that annoy (make me mad ) is i'can't change the colors and  to many windows on my taskbar like in gimp (
i like twilight in delphi because is like in terminal mode and hate to have white editors like word ,notepad coze heart my eyes {i have crt monitor;( ...})
by the way if i change the source code of lazarus (for example i add twilight colors)
can i cvs back the code ???
or make a diff and send the pach ???

On Thu, 14 Jun 2001 17:31:34 +0000
"Joao Paulo Schwarz Schuler" <jpss at schulers.com> wrote:

> 	Which is the best pascal code editor
> for linux? Which code editor are you using?
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