[lazarus] Pascal Code Editor

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Sat Jun 16 04:15:25 EDT 2001

On 2001.06.15 23:28 Marius Popa wrote:
> the only thing that annoy (make me mad ) is i'can't change the colors

There was a bug in the color selection. I fixed that (in cvs). Please try again.

> and  to many windows on my taskbar like in gimp

And many other programs... . This depends on your windowmanager. The Gnome deskguide applet does not have the problem. But I'm still searching for a solution for KDE.

> i like twilight in delphi because is like in terminal mode and hate to have white editors like word ,notepad coze heart my eyes {i have crt monitor;( ...})
> by the way if i change the source code of lazarus (for example i add twilight colors)
> can i cvs back the code ???
> or make a diff and send the pach ???

As Shane mentioned:
Just change in editoroptions.pp the default settings of 

procedure TEditorOptions.ReadAttribute(Attri:TSynHighlightElement);

and send me the code. I will add the Twilight Color scheme.


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