Win32 binaries for Lazarus ?

Michael A. Hess mhess at
Sat Jun 16 16:18:34 EDT 2001

Ray Smith wrote:
> I heard a rumor a month or two (or three?) ago that a beta binary
> release of Lazarus for win32 wasn't far away.
> Can anybody update me on the progress of the Win32 binary release?

I do nightly builds of Lazarus for Linux and Win32. They both rely on
the GTK API. A native Win32 API of Lazarus is a little further down the
road. The core developers have been in discussions over the last month
with regards to how to preceed with some of the internal design. Once
that is ironed out we will be able to proceed with the Win32 API port of
the LCL.

As I said the GTK version of Lazarus are built nightly and you can get
it as either a .zip file or a regular windows installation program aka.
setup.exe. You can find information here.

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