[lazarus] newbie help?

sentinal805 at netscape.net sentinal805 at netscape.net
Sat May 12 20:10:46 EDT 2001

> Lazarus is quite betta. If you have installed FPC correctly, you will be enough to enter in compiler options-> search path /usr/bin/fpc
> Then you'll need  in comp.options->other choose 'Show errors'
> And then you may Project->new project, choose Application, then set the button, change (in Object Inspector) its name to Hello, World. Then Project->compile, save your masterpiece anywhere, then you will have elf binary. Warning: IDE might be stable enough only for such small projects.

Thank you for your response and warning.  I will try to configue Lazarus as per your instructions tonight when I get home from work.  I'm not able to help code at this time due to lack of experiance in both Linux and Pascal but I can surely use and help beta test this project.  Linux seems to need a project like this one and I for one  hope to see it completed.  Good luck.

volunteer beta tester

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