[lazarus] CVS changes - BringToFront / SendToBackimplemented

Shane Miller SMiller1 at stvgb.org
Mon May 14 09:58:04 EDT 2001

LM_BRINGTOFRONT is used in Application.BringToFront.  
If we remove LM_BRINGTOFRONT we need to fix that.


>>> michal.bukovjan at openone.cz 05/13/01 05:04PM >>>
Hello all,

I just commited BringToFront / SendToBack, which works on GTK.

I cannot test it on anything else (Win32). The old code is commented 
out, the new one could also work on win32 - if someone can test, I would 
delete old code as well.

BTW, the LM_BRINGTOFRONT is not needed at all now (no platform specific 
code is used).

Have fun,

Michal Bukovjan

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