[lazarus] String parameters, ansistrings

SVAA svaa at retemail.es
Mon May 21 17:21:14 EDT 2001


>>No, it doesn't copy it if you don't modify the string, believe me, I
>>the ansistrings in FPC.

I will believe it ,  and think twice before opening my mouth ;-)

>Try the following and you'll get nearly the same times (only the
>is added!):
>Nevertheless, the const is much better programming style, if the string
>haven't to be modified ...

I've done it: I don't have so strong faith ;-)

with var or const:
  about 14'5 seconds

  about 17 seconds

A little better, but no so great. Any way, as you say, it's a good style.
that's my consolation

Santiago Amposta
svaa at retemail.es

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