[lazarus] [Fwd: FPC for Lazarus]

Michal Bukovjan michal.bukovjan at openone.cz
Tue May 22 17:59:33 EDT 2001

Mandrake 7.1 is somewhat old. Latest version is Mandrake 8.0, on which 
it works.

And yes, minor version change matters here. The version 4 RPMs are 
supported by rpm-4.x shipped with RH 7.0 and higher or for older Red 
Hats (like 6.2) you have to upgrade to rpm 3.0.5 or higher to be able to 
use these packages.
The update to rpm 3.0.5 is officialy recommended by Red Hat for their 
older distros if you need to install these new format RPMs.


Michael.VanCanneyt at Wisa.be wrote:

>On Tue, 22 May 2001, Marco van de Voort wrote:
>>>I am too wrapped up to even think about this problem. Marc could one of
>>>you guys address this and get back to him.
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>>>Dear Mr Hess
>>>I am using Linux Mandrake v7.1 and find that rpm (version 3.0.4) refuses
>>>to install the FPC v1.0.5, claiming that 'only packages with major version
>>>numbers<=3 are supported by this version of RPM'. This puzzles me, since
>>>the major version number is surely 1. Anyway, I'm not sure how to proceed
>>>and your advice would be appreciated.
>>He is using a too old version of RPM :-)
>On mandrake 7.1 ?! I don't think so, this is the latest version, I think.
>I am using version 3.0.6 of RPM, and I doubt a minor version change
>would cause such a package to be refused ??
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