[lazarus] Has anyone seen this special offer?

Chris cryst at golden.net
Fri May 25 09:10:35 EDT 2001

It was first offered at Linuxmall.com, (I heard about it throught the
newsgroups, where someone had been sent an email). I ordered, and they've
verified, but where swamped. Then a week later Borland dropped their prices.

I'm getting the feeling from comments, that it hasn't been selling and so
now they are dumping it in order to raise their profile.

Chris Bruner

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> This is one heck of an offer. So I wonder what the story is. Is it that
> it isn't selling or is it that it is selling so well they can lower the
> price????
> $999 dropped to $199 is a hugh drop.
> http://shop.borland.com/Product/0,1057,3-15-CQ100479,00.html
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