[lazarus] New Bug Entered

mhess at miraclec.com mhess at miraclec.com
Mon May 28 03:58:01 EDT 2001

Title: rpm\'s incompatible w. Suse RPM

Entered by: Achim Schmitt

I can\'t unpack the rpms on my Suse 7.0 System:

indian:/tmp/download/fpc # rpm -qlp fpc-1.0.5-laz.20010401.src.rpm
only packages with major numbers <= 3 are supported by this version of RPM
query of fpc-1.0.5-laz.20010401.src.rpm failed
indian:/tmp/download/fpc #

please put a .tar.gz of fpc1.0.5-src in the web page.

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