[lazarus] bugfixes

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Mon Nov 5 08:54:52 EST 2001

On Sat, 3 Nov 2001 13:39:47 +0100
"Ronan van Riet" <ronan at obiz.demon.nl> wrote:

> Mattias,
> I just downloaded Windows lazarus_ide_installer.exe, version 0.7. It looks
> quite impressive!!
> Thanks for updating the Lazarus Developer News section too!

I'm not responsible for the lazarus webpage.

> How far down on the priority list is:
> - dropping components on a form?

The form editing is not far down the priority list, but it depends on a very stable, consistent and completed base.
The boring truth is that the LCL defines about 40 components and although you can already use each of them in your programs, many of them have small workarounds for missing functions.
The form editing is a quite complex part of the IDE. All components must be in total harmony/consistency and must give the IDE _all_ events in _exact_ the same manner. This is currently the case for only a few components. Further then all components must be streamable (save and load their properties to a resource). This is 90% completed. The missing 10% is for example all graphic and a few properties that need special ordering. The problem here is that if a component has 100 properties and only one of them fails the whole mechanism fails.

Short: High-Priority, but massive dependencies.
You can help us with that. Pick up one component and try to get it working in design mode. That means, the component must not eat mouse/keyboard events like a black hole and it must allow to draw on it. The main problem is the gtk widget.

> - add events mechanism?

The "only" missing part is a good find declaration and compatibility check in the codetools.
I will eventually do this, after clipboard, graphics and debugger.

> How may active developers does this project have? What is being done to
> attract more?

Yeah, that's the main problem. Too less.

Marc Weustink is writing the gnu debugger support and is making progress.
Shane tries to fix some of the form editing bugs.
I'm writing the clipboard support and then I will have a look on the graphics.


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