[lazarus] new or old bugs???

Lord Satan satan at d4rkm00n.com
Thu Nov 29 19:40:55 EST 2001

hi to all

i am missing some function i remember lazarus to provide:
-strg+shift+c (code completion)
-strg+shift+ up/down (find declaration)

and there also seams to be a bug in the 'save as' routine:
the default value ignores case sensitivity and also changes the ending to .pas
shouldn't it use the same names used in the project?
'save' routine seams to work correct and if i am right, the 'save as' routine was fixed not long ago

i have made a new install of lazarus from cvs to see if the bugs are only on my box due to a broken source
but the fresh installation shows no class completion

any other having same trouble?


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