[lazarus] New Bugs

Marc Weustink Marc.Weustink at cuperus.nl
Mon Apr 8 04:44:58 EDT 2002

+ From: Jens Arm [mailto:Jens.Arm at gmx.de]
+ Sent: Sunday, 07 April, 2002 14:31
+ To: lazarus at miraclec.com
+ Subject: Re: [lazarus] New Bugs
+ > The evil mouse coords bugs. -sigh-. I hoped that someone
+ >_with_ gtk knowlegde would fix them eventually. But it seems,
+ >that sooner or later I must try.
+ Why are the events going through all the controls and not
+ only to the one on the top ?
+ If the event only goes to the control on top this problem
+ would gone away or is it needed that the events go through all ?

It is not needed. It is either a feature from GTK or we are doing something
wrong, but each widget receives the messages. A bit annoying.


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