[lazarus] compiling

Robert Young robert.young at hksystems.com
Wed Apr 17 09:18:10 EDT 2002

Mattias Gaertner wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Apr 2002 00:30:22 -0400
> Robert Young <roblinux at rogers.com> wrote:
> > I apologies if my original email made it into the list before, I was having email troubles and only today received my mail at home.
> >
> > Two questions.
> >
> > 1)When I do a build from CVS I can only build as root. I can give you the portion that fails if you need it, but I was wondering what privileges do I need?
> Normal user privileges. The 'make' in the cvs does not install anything, but simply compiles the lazarus executable. Can u plz send the error message?

I will ASAP and thanks

> > 2)Building a simple project with a form always fails. Is this simply because form editing is in development or is it currently not possible to do RAD work with forms?
> Yes, the form editing is under development. There are still some bugs. I will try my luck to fix them, but I can't estimate, when a reasonable portion of the components will work together with the designer. Plz be patient.


> > I am currently getting the error "lcllinux.pp(8,27) Fatal: Can't find unit INTERFACES"
> >
> > I an not sure why lcllinux.pp gets incuded by default lcllinux is not in any uses clause.
> It is used by the lcl. The fpc does always an up to date check for all units.
> > the message in the termianl apears as follows.
> >
> > [TCompiler.Compile] CmdLine="/usr/bin/ppc386 -B  -Rintel -S2cgi -Ch8000000 -OG1p1 -gl -XD -vewnhi -l -Fu/home/rob/lazarus/lcl/units -Fu/home/rob/lazarus/lcl/gtk /home/rob/Projects/junk3/project1.pas"
> Your second lcl path
> /home/rob/lazarus/lcl/gtk
> must be replaced with
> /home/rob/lazarus/lcl/units/gtk.

I will try this thanks for your speedy response I hope when I get up to speed I can be of some assistance to this projects.

Again Thanks.

> Mattias
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