[lazarus] How do I make a form? (Win32) pure newbie questions...

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Wed Apr 24 14:38:06 EDT 2002

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> to daniels:
> to the dirty3d (aehm... i mean direct3d) stuff i cannot say much, because
i know not much about its usage and the general usage of dlls with lazarus
(perhaps keith can say something about it)
> but i suppose that you at least need headers/units for the dlls to access
them (you can try the delphi ones you should have and if they don't
work/compile change them to fpc - just a guess since i do not use win32)

If one has the Direct3D units, there shouldn't be any problems.  But I guess
the only way to know is to try it.

> btw i don't even know about the status of the win32 lazarus (again keith
should be your man - think he even has a page for lazarus on win32)

Yes, I do have a page about it and I'm going to try to get around to writing
more about ways that others can help get it finished.  But personally, I
think it's fine for a 0.8.3; as Lazarus approaches 1.0 and gets stabilized,
I think that will be the time to work out the nuances.

Besides, my page only deals with the native Win32 interface.  However,
Daniel was talking about the GTK+ interface; this is obvious because the
win32 interface doesn't use the GTK+ DLL's.  I think Mike Hess is handling
the GTK+ on Win32 version.


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