[lazarus] How do I make a form? (Win32) pure newbie questions...

Marc Weustink marc.weustink at cuperus.nl
Thu Apr 25 06:57:41 EDT 2002

+ From: Daniel Umoh [mailto:dswazz at yahoo.com]
+ Sent: donderdag 25 april 2002 7:27
+ Maybe I misphrased my question a bit.
+ I'm don't wish to use Lazarus as a RAD tool, I want to
+ use the Free Pascal compiler to compile a Windows
+ application and I thought maybe lazarus would have
+ some components to help me do so. I don't know how to
+ display a form...buttons...etc. I'm not interested in
+ GTK really, I just wanna know how to do it.
+ As for DirectX, I already have that part covered. I'm
+ making the DLL that uses DirectX in Delphi using the
+ JEDI headers. I just need to make sure a form using
+ lazarus components would be able to support DirectX.
+ BTW, what is the difference between a .pp and a .pas file?

There are no differences. A file is just a file.

If you want to convert real windows apps (not using VCL) you can give it a
try to use FPC with the LCL paths set correctly (see FAQ 3). Note that only
a subset of winapi calls are supported. If it is a Delphi app, you can use
the form files (dfm) in text form (see FAQ 6).


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