SV: [lazarus] Working with Sockets

Anders Jensen outdoors at
Mon Dec 9 15:58:11 EST 2002

What I really would love was a component to put on my Lazarus Component-palette, or maybe two, one TsimpleClientSocket and one TsimpleServerSocket, that was very simple to use, with simple procedures/functions like:
TsimpleClientSocket.setport(string or int or...);
TsimpleClientSocket.sendstring(or file);
TsimpleClientSocket.OnRecivestring(or file);

and for server, similar, and simple procedures and functions...  

Unfortunatly I am not able to write such components myself, because of lacking knowledge.. I have been trying to figure it out for some weeks now, but my limited skills just stops it all, but still reading all relevant stuff I does come over, but so far, I`m still stupid...


>On Mon, 2002-12-09 at 10:19, Michael.VanCanneyt at wrote:
>> What is wrong with the standard 'ssockets' unit ? It works fine. It may be
>> necessary to add some additional events, but that can be discussed.
>Then I misunderstood the thread.  Sorry.
>Just ignore.  I'll dig into them in a week or so and see what I can come
>up with.
>Oh, BTW: CheckBook Tracker got slashdotted (minor) on Sunday.  Somebody
>posted in the comments on a QuickBooks thread that people should try
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