[lazarus] French users ?

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Wed Dec 11 09:06:40 EST 2002

On Wed, 2002-12-11 at 07:54, c.devise wrote:
> we apologize not using the Holy Language ... :-) .

Ya betta amember that.  Ain't dat rite!  Don't go messin' wit' da Holy
Language y'all!  Of course half the blue-blooded American's can't even
speak their own language right...

Actually, I'm sure most will agree that common netiquette calls for
using the root and common denominator language of the group, simply so
more people will understand.  If I went to a French language webpage and
signed up for a mailing list I would expect to have to converse in

But on that note, I take no offense at the occasional foreign language
post or conversation as long as someone is nice enough to translate the
gist of it for the rest of the group!  One thing I've learned since I
started developing with Lazarus is that it is truly a "World
Experience"(TM).  I think most will agree...


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