SV: [lazarus] Searching HTML component

Michael A. Hess mhess at
Wed Dec 11 15:20:38 EST 2002

Anders Jensen wrote:

> I have no iadea if this is of any help, but I did find this on an old 
> hard-drive that was layin around, a html-parser, and a very simple 
> web-browser that does not use explorer in any way, just download and 
> have a look.
>  ( 8.64Kb )

This built and ran fine in Delphi 6. It is messing some features such as 
tables so it doesn't display the current online help very well.

I tried to build it in Lazarus but it was taking a whole bunch of 
modifications so it would be easier to take it as a pattern and rewrite 
the code. This could be a start for someone who wants to work on writing 
an HTML viewer.

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