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Vincent Snijders VSDS at RND.VB.CBS.NL
Mon Dec 16 02:53:13 EST 2002

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> One more thing or two for fpc part of the group. I needed 
> interfaces for many
> times 'till now. Especialy for my non-visual components that 
> are controlling
> different types of components some of them are already 
> implemented by fpc and
> some are mine, but they don't share other same ancestor than 
> TComponent so
> passing them as a parameter to some function is a real pain 
> (typeis, typeis,
> typeis).
> 1.1 should have interfaces, when is D-Day???
> if D-Day is not sometimes soon, I would like to propose a 
> little (stupid one,
> but it would ease the job) solution (if there maybe exists 
> something like that I
> would be really glad if you'd let me know). because function 
> is originaly empty
> I don't think it would harm anything or anybody
> // this way all components have some blank and usable common point, 
> // it remains only one part a little function that assigns registred 
> // messages so they don't duplicate and can be applied and registred 
> // from everywhere, but all of the registration can be 
> applied in some 
> // completely different unit so nothing would interfer with current 
> // state of lcl or fcl
> function TComponent.CommonInterfaceMsg(Sender: TComponent; 
> Msg: longInt; Data:
> pointer): longInt;
> begin
> end;
> // some completely different unit
> function RegisterMsg(Msg: string): longInt;
> function GetMsgID(aMsg: string): longInt;
> Something like that would really shorten my sources (pros and 
> contras are
> appreciated).
> m.
Why don't you use dispatch and messages. See: 

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