AW: [lazarus] CVS repository not found

Marco van de Voort marcov at
Mon Dec 16 17:11:40 EST 2002

> Worked, hope the compiler gets it compiled, hence I didn't see the 1.0.7
> compiler for win32 up to now. Any CVS repository for that?

The 1.0.x series with odd x are development versions between the release
(even version).

So some days after 1.0.6 was released, the 1.0.6 version was tagged (with
RELEASE1_0_6 or something similar), and the the version of the ordinary CVS
was changed to 1.0.7, and development/fixes continue.

If you CVS the FIXES_1_0_0 branch, you'll get 1.0.7 

(set your CVSROOT, and login as described on the site, then)

cvs -z 3 co -r FIXES_1_0_0 fpc

will checkout 1.0.7.

Afterwards, you can simply update that checked out version with

cvs -z 3 update -Pd fpc

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