AW: [lazarus] CVS repository not found

Peter Vreman peter at
Tue Dec 17 01:02:04 EST 2002

>> cvs -z 3 co -r FIXES_1_0_0 fpc
>> will checkout 1.0.7.
>> Afterwards, you can simply update that checked out version with
>> cvs -z 3 update -Pd fpc
> What about fcl?
> Does it need the 1.1.x 'head'?

No, the FCL is shared between both branches. FIXES_1_0_0 tag is not a
branch but only a symbolic name that is manually moved. So the only thing
that you'll get when using FCL HEAD instead of FIXES_1_0_0 is that it
sometimes contains updates that still need to be retagged.

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