[lazarus] setposition-seek problem found

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Dec 18 14:02:38 EST 2002

>> The other one was the widestring usage of the lazarus xml units. I
>> deactivated it.
>> Now lazarus seems to work with 1.1. :)
>> So many nice new features. :)
> Will there be a fpc 1.1 rpm, which can compile lazarus, on the lazarus
> site?
> Or is fpc 1.1 still to much changing and unstable?

1.1 is "stable". The only thing is that it sometimes can be broken (like
the current CVS version) for a few days. So always keeping a working 1.1
as backup is recommended.

The rpm building should still work for 1.1, there are no changes in
directory structure.

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