[lazarus] FPC 1.1 can compile lazarus

Peter Vreman peter at freepascal.org
Wed Dec 18 15:00:38 EST 2002

> but, I don't recomend you to use this kind of thing, as lazarus are
> working fine in 1.0,
> every time I update FPC from cvs, I run some testfiles, one of these is:
> program test_stream;
> uses Classes;
> var
>   Stream: TStream;
> begin
>   Stream := TFileStream.Create('test_stream.pas', fmOpenRead);
>   Stream.Seek(3,soFromCurrent);
>   Stream.Free;
> end.
> When this works fine I'll send a message to this list ;)

This is now fixed, but due some other changes in the RTL it is not
recommended to update from CVS.

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