[lazarus] bugs in empassword, OnClick and dfm2lfm-converter

Rainer Hamann rainer at hamann-kiel.de
Sun Dec 22 13:59:55 EST 2002

I downloaded lazarus last friday and found the following bugs :

- in an editbox (TEdit) it is possible to select passwordmode by empassword, 
but in the running application passwords are shown in plain text, not in 
selected password-characters

- placing a button on the form and doubleclicking on it creates an 
errormessage in Forms, that SysUtils can not be found, but the application is 
compiled without any errors with the paths given in Start/Preferences? 
(Starten/Compileroptionen)  (sorry, but I use german menues)

- using conversion from *.dfm to *.lfm within lazarus creates a *.lfm-file 
which must have errors inside object properties. Compilation ends with an 
errormessage at the bracket "(" of "LazResources.Add(".

Rainer Hamann

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