[lazarus] lazarus debuging???

matooo at email.si matooo at email.si
Sun Dec 22 18:43:39 EST 2002

Quoting Mattias Gaertner <nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de>:

> On Sun, 22 Dec 2002 22:33:07 +0100 (CET)
> matooo at email.si wrote:
> > What is the simplest way to debug lazarus?
> gdb is quite simple for me.

maybe you're just used to it. it's first time I tryed gdb in cli mode.

> > GTK2 interface is finished and it compiles without problem. Most of
> the
> > interface shows up properly (at least all controls are antialiased so
> it
> > has to be GTK2 :-), except that sometimes after app is almost
> completely
> > drawn, app crashes.
> Want to have. Plz send me the patch, so we can all help you debugging.

Where do I upload or should I put on one of my servers and send patch. But
that's not my server yet so please be gentle and download just once.

I'll do that tommorow and  address and un<pw>.

But it would be nice if you'd tell me few more things and I would upload a
decent version to start from. 

1. TGdkAtom was cardinal now pointer? just corrections please. URGENT!!!
2. TGdkRegion has a record, where did you find that record, even in Gdk API
guide says it has only one visible var user_data: pointer
so it should be either
PGdkRegion = TGdkRegion;
TGdkRegion = record
  user_data: pointer;
3. Accelerators are thrown out, beats me, but I really don't know how to handle
them, some old functions have no equivalents.
4. All is made as I said in one of my last "maybe,... gtk2" messages, so in
basic, one source for gtk1 and gtk2 with conditional defines. That's why I would
need symlinks, same source diff makefile:-)
5. I will post a little readme with it so you'd understand my remarks and
unfinished things
6. That's why I need another day and this answer.

> > As I debuged with gdb it crashes when applying region to DC (getmem
> tried
> > to allocate really big figure of memory when calling
> > gdk_region_intersect). But I wasn't able to figure out wich control
> has
> > uninitialized ClipRegion.
> > 
> > Suggestions or help with debugging are welcome.
> > 
> > By the way, would it be possible for lazarus to check if edited file
> is a
> > symlink or real file. Sometimes I edit symlinked files and lazarus
> > overwrites them with a new file (doesn't follow symlinks). 
> I added it to my ToDo list.
> Mattias


P.S. what's with datasource and db. Since M$ seems to be buying Borland, I need
Lazarus urgently in more finished base. So if no one has done yet I'll be
available in about two weeks, but I think there is a better way to do it than
Borland did it.


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