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Mon Dec 23 09:48:52 EST 2002

Quoting Michael.VanCanneyt at wisa.be:

> On Mon, 23 Dec 2002 matooo at email.si wrote:
> >
> > m.
> >
> > P.S. what's with datasource and db. Since M$ seems to be buying
> Borland, I need
> > Lazarus urgently in more finished base. So if no one has done yet I'll
> be
> > available in about two weeks, but I think there is a better way to do
> it than
> > Borland did it.
> Basic TDataset/TDataSource is functioning. TDataset decsendents exist
> for
> Mysql,Interbase and DBase; Oracle,PostGreSQL and ODBC should be easy to
> add as well as we have 'plain' interfaces for them.
> The code is tested - rudely. I would be very happy if you could do
> stress-testing and communicate with me so we can fix or improve
> things if needed.
> I've started a design based on TDatabase/TTransaction/TQuery, but I
> haven't
> been able to finish that yet. I hope to start this in a month or two.
> Also, I recently found an open source alternative to MIDAS (HyperBase)
> -
> and this is a gem which still needs including. Meaning that a
> TClientDataset
> descendent of TDataset should be written.
> As for a 'better way' than Borland did it: As long as you don't break
> compatibility, please. But there is tons of DB-aware code out there
> (just search Torry's pages or DSP) and it would be a shame not to be

However you look at it. Some things are a real shame to embrace them. I just
don't understand why TEdit, TDBEdit, TXXXEdit... (but maybe is that just me) and
so on. Borland has just made Datalinks one step too late. Wouldn't it be easier
if one component could be data-aware, simple or anything aware. Not needing to
change component if you'd need a little different purpose. 
Stupid component hierarchy is the main reason why all of my friends that used
Btrieve can't change to anything other than that (or they ever will, but believe
me they would like).

plus if you need a DB equivalent you would probably need just a name compatibility.

  TDBEdit = class(TEdit);

> able to use it by breaking compatibility.
> Plenty of work, just take a pick. :-)
> Michael.

I'll try to make equiv.

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