[lazarus] Problem with onshow event

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Mon Dec 23 23:13:53 EST 2002

I'm attempting to resize and position components during the form's
onsize event.

Unfortunately it seems to fire before the form is shown, so when I read
the size of the form, I end up with only the design-time sizes and not
the runtime sizes that my window manager is remembering apparently.

Short of putting in a ttimer that triggers after the show, is there any
way around this?

The code I'm trying to trigger is in the onsize event, but since the
onsize isn't called at show, I'm trying to call the onsize manually from
the onshow event, but it doesn't get correct size info for the form.

Any progress on making default OK buttons work right for carriage
return?  Trying to make checkbook entry as keyboard-friendly as


Tony Maro
tony at maro.net

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