[lazarus] XML

Tony Maro tony at maro.net
Tue Dec 24 00:16:10 EST 2002

Has anyone yet implemented an XML reader / writer that supports more
than just the xmlcfg.pp file does?

For instance, I need to interpret the following:


And view it something like:

     | |-Code  (value = 0)
     | |-Severity  (Value = "INFO")
       |-Code  (value = 2)
       |-Severity  (Value = "ITEM 2")

Notice there are two different "Status" nodes, and the values are not
within the <> symbols for Code or Severity.

In other words, I'm trying to interpret an OFX bank file, and it's in a
similar format as above... I really don't want to write a custom XML
parser for it if I can keep from it.

Tony Maro
tony at maro.net

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