[lazarus] Launching URL in Linux

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Dec 25 11:34:23 EST 2002

Tony Maro wrote:

> Well I was hoping to use HTML help files and have it just launch the
> browser...  If you can't get to the help files to find out how to make
> help files work that might be a problem ;-)
> Can someone suggest a better way to handle help files without getting
> too specific to distro or desktop?

This is what our discussion on the developers list have been about 
recently and why we made that inquery about finding an HTML component 
for use with the LCL. We want to be able to have an embedded HTML 
content that can display at least HTML content for use as a help file.

It doesn't get cross platform friendly but you can look at using 
gtkHTML. It would be nice to have an LCL component that wraps around this.

You could also consider including Dillo with your application. It is 
fairly small but should be able to display anything you would want to 
for a help. You would know it is there and could call it directly. 
However by including this yourself it sort of gets away from the 
modularity aspect of Unix.

You could also look into wrapping Dillo for use as an LCL component as well.


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