[lazarus] datasource - dataset

Jesus Reyes jesusrmx at yahoo.com.mx
Mon Dec 30 04:44:15 EST 2002

Hi, I'm reporting this here but I don't know if I should do that in some
other place, it's a fcl related issue in datasource.inc (FIXES_1_0_0) on
line 489:  If FState<>FlastState then        it should be (I think):
Fstate=FLastState then ...

In dataset.inc after TDataset.GetField ... Apparently lazarus has problems
with nested comments (Shift+Ctrl+Up/Down not further investigated) or can be
changed  the outer comments from { } to  (* .. *).

TField.Displaywidth property currently is implemented as:
... Read FDisplayWidth .... but it should be .... Read GetDisplayWidth ...


Jesus Reyes A.

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