[lazarus] Patch for win32

Karl Brandt pascalive at bol.com.br
Tue Dec 31 14:58:15 EST 2002

Attached is a patch that improves TListBox/TComboBox in win32
It implements the properties Sorted, MultiSelect, ExtendedSelect and fix 
other issues.
It also cleans the recreatewnd interface code.
Togheter is a demo program i used to test the changes

Saying of TComboBox, the LCL doesn't notify to interface the 
CustomComboBox.Sorted state in CreateHandle. I propose to add in 
CreateHandle, after the creation of the interface StringList, a LM_SORT 
message to interface,maybe creating a UpdateSorted method, like in 
ListBox , so the interface can know/modify the design time Sorted state.
See TCustomListBox.GetSelected(Index : integer) : boolean;
  if (Index < 0) or (Index >= Items.Count) then
    raise Exception.Create('TCustomListBox.GetSelected: index 
      +' out of bound. Count='+IntToStr(Items.Count));
  if HandleAllocated then
   >> Result:= (CNSendMessage(LM_GETSEL, Self, @Index) >= 0) -> allways true
    Result:=clbiSelected in GetListBoxItemRecord(FItems,Index)^.Flags;
I don't know about the Gtk part but in win32 when a item is not selected 
it returns 0 otherwise >0.
So in win32 Result is allways True
It would not Result:= (CNSendMessage(LM_GETSEL, Self, @Index) > 0) the 
correct ?
Or we must check this in interface?
Sometimes the main window(of a lcl app) stops to respond ,being 
necessary to switch to another window and get back to respond again.
Is someone getting the same problem?

 Happy New Year :-)

Karl Brandt

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