[lazarus] Win32 GTK Does work again!!!!

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Mon Feb 4 20:31:38 EST 2002

Keith Bowes wrote:
> > I modified the FPC GKT code to know about the new libraries and to
> > remove some of the ifndef Win32 items indicated in the code. I then
> > rebuilt the FPC GTK unit.
> >
> Are you going to give the updated units to the FPC developers and put
> the new GTK+ DLL's and a suitable version of the compiler on FTP?

I hesitate to do so. The GTK-Win32 developers call the release 'for
developers only'. They don't consider it to be releaseable for general
use. Second they have gone with a completely different naming structure
which is closer to Unix. This means that the FPC GTK units would have to
look for a totally different library breaking older code. Previous
releases all maintained the same .dll name so you could update the unit
without breaking older code that didn't use the new features. Next with
the 1.0.6 release just around the corner I don't think it would be a
good idea to mess with the apple cart at this time.

Besides at this time the only way to do a GTK build is to hand edit the
Makefile.fpc from it's current cvs checkout state. I would rather see it
be selectable at the commandline.

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