[lazarus] CVS updates debugger

Marc Weustink marc at dommelstein.net
Tue Feb 5 19:19:46 EST 2002


It took some time, but I finally came to a point to commit some debugger 
code. It is integrated to the IDE and you can start debugging by run, step 
over or step into.

Some note, issues, features, bug and other things:

* Sometimes the debugger wont start debugging. Just try to run again (and 
again and again). Internally GDB complains about non accasible memory, bui 
I can't really reproduce it. Mostly a second run will do (I'm thinking of 
checking this internally)

* When the debugger pauses on an unknown file, the IDE asks if you want to 
create it. This is a bug, it should ask if you want to open it.

* When de debugger terminates it sometimes popsup your last app. ???

* Exeptions are not yet recognized. So if execution stops without cause, 
you probably have hit an exeption

* Breakpoints aren't enabled yet (oops I forgot something)

* Watches will take a while (i'll fix the breakpoints first)

* An application outputwindow and a debugger output window will be added 

Have fun


BTW, It is linux tested only, I don't expect it to run on anything else 
(you don't have to try it, some platform specific code isn't implemented yet). 

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