[lazarus] kylix 2 (OE) -> FSF components-is it possible?

Keith Bowes keith_bowes at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 06:04:56 EST 2002

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Subject: [lazarus] kylix 2 (OE) -> FSF components-is it possible?

> License of kylix 2 (OE) prohibits using its IDE in competing projects
(except plugins for Kylix or smth. so, I am not a loyer and English is not
my native language). But it is possible to develop a component (for example,
now I am
> developing rich text (not rtf) control) and publish it as a GPL. Is it
possible to me (or only for someone else) take this GPL-ed control and ajust
to another delphi-like project? (lazarus or so).

I'm not a student of the legal system either, but it seems to me that a
viable loophole would be to develop a component for Lazarus and then port it
to Delphi/Kylix (or better yet, design it to work in both, if possible).

> As for lazarus, I think, gtk is not a good idea. Idea of fpgui was well,
but it died.

Part of what makes Lazarus an interesting project is you can bind it to any
API you choose.  You're not stuck with whatever the authors choose; you can
develop any interface you want if you don't like GTK.  But, as I've
experienced in trying to develop a native Win32 interface, that's easier
said than done.


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