[lazarus] stepinto/stepover/breakpoints

Liebrecht Venter Lrven at attglobal.net
Fri Feb 15 10:39:02 EST 2002

Marc Weustink wrote:

> + From: Liebrecht at gateway [mailto:Liebrecht at gateway]On Behalf
> + Of Liebrecht Venter
> +
> +
> + A while ago someone posted that debug options are now
> + partially workin.
> + I downloaded the latest nightly build and found that none of the debug
> + options work.
> + Is there anything i missed?
> Breakpoints aren't activated in the debugger yet (they are created in the
> IDE, the debugger object, but not in the actual debugger :)
> Step and step into should work (if you configured the IDE to use the GDB
> debugger).
> Marc

Nope GDB is activated in the compiler options - but the problem persists.
If I wait long enough it does *sometimes* highlight a function to be stepped
into (about a minute with an orange/brown highlight) but usually the ide
just skips the debugger and all the step functions acts like standard
compiles which is completed with "Compile successful"

This is the only stumbling block for me to move all my pascal code and
product development to Lazarus. Kylix is just too slow.

By the way, Kylix does not support includes it seems-or I am probably
missing some configuration)  . I have no problem with includes in Lazarus
which is great.

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