[lazarus] Some Bugs found

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Sun Feb 17 11:14:33 EST 2002

> >2. Why does this result in a compiler error and how can I do such things?:
> >var
> >  kname:array[1..2] of packed array[1..8] of char := ('12345678','87654321');
> Change var to const and := to =
> const
>    kname:array[1..2] of packed array[1..8] of char = ('12345678','87654321');


> >1. Sometimes the IDE stopping responding to any inputs (mouse&keyboard). I 
> >don't know the reason for this.
> Have you been dragging the a scrollbar before that ? It might still have 
> focus and grabbing all input. Just ckicking on it once solves it.

No, no scrollbar! 
Everything is standing XFCE, X, ...
I think I can remember that in the console where standing s.th. with
GTK-Critical but I can't saw it better, because no window moving.
Sometimes a CTRL-Alt-Backspace helps but not every time.

> >3. If I click on the Tabs of the component palette the Save/Open/New 
> >Form/...-Buttons are clicked, too.
> >    It dosen't matter wether hints are enabled or not. This bug is very 
> > disturbing :(
> It is a known bug. Somehow click events are also sent to the parent window, 
> with the same relative coordinates as within the tabs. This way it seems 
> the buttons atre pressed as well.

Last year the Bug was fixed, but I think I can remember, that I have recognized it again after
Shane had checked in s.th. new after his long pause.

> >9. You can't move controls in the form editor and the selecting rectangle 
> >don't work
> Moving controls workshere, only resizing doesn't

In my newest CVS checkout it don't work


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