[lazarus] Some Bugs found

Michal Bukovjan michal.bukovjan at openone.cz
Mon Feb 18 15:57:49 EST 2002


1) Lazarus will have to require a widget set, at least the supported 
one, be it GTK, Qt, or Win32. The cool part is, you can switch betweem 
2) Gnome is *NOT* a widget set, it enahnces the basic GTK and provides 
some functionality not found and provided by a widget set. Again,

GTK + Gnome = Qt + KDE = Win32

while Delphi draws its functions from Win32, we seem to restrict 
ourselves to a subset (GTK/Qt) in widget set by current policy.
Here is a quick list, by looking into gnome-libs, that is provided by 
Gnome as is available under Win32 and supported by Delphi:

- manipulation of desktop files and icons, desktop integration
- help system integration
- printing, paper and printer setup, PostScript utilities
- sound playing
- mime type handling, file launching, common dialogs
- configuration registry backend
- stock icons / resources

we can rewrite some of these things from scratch, some of these things 
may not be needed, but I think there are things we cannot ignore to 
provide an alternative to Deplhi.
At this point, there are more important bugs to fix, but we will have to 
decide in these issues later anyway.

So to say, never say never :-) I would like your (developers) opinion on 
how we could possibly solve the above issues, or possibly other issues I 


Marc Weustink wrote:

>+ From: Shane Miller [mailto:smiller1 at stvgb.org]
>+ Just to make it clear, we will NEVER require Gnome.  We don't
>+ plan on requiring any specific widget set once we get some of
>+ our current bugs worked out.  GTK is simply where we started.
>+  Eventually we'll have QT and win32 also.
>I won't say it that strict, maybe after QT and Win32 we'll add Gnome as
>separate widget set
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