[lazarus] Some Bugs found

Michal Bukovjan michal.bukovjan at openone.cz
Mon Feb 18 18:48:51 EST 2002

Michael A. Hess wrote:

>Michal Bukovjan wrote:
>>Gnome as is available under Win32 and supported by Delphi:
>>- manipulation of desktop files and icons, desktop integration
>>- help system integration
>>- printing, paper and printer setup, PostScript utilities
>>- sound playing
>>- mime type handling, file launching, common dialogs
>>- configuration registry backend
>>- stock icons / resources
>>we can rewrite some of these things from scratch, some of these things
>>may not be needed, but I think there are things we cannot ignore to
>>provide an alternative to Deplhi.
>>At this point, there are more important bugs to fix, but we will have
>>to decide in these issues later anyway.
>>So to say, never say never :-) I would like your (developers) opinion
>>on how we could possibly solve the above issues, or possibly other
>>issues I forgot.
>Will it be possible to do these things with LCL and FPC? Yes of course.
>Will it be required to use these to do anything with LCL and FPC? No.
>That is what we are refering to. We do not want to require you to have
>to install Gnome to run the IDE or build something with Lazarus and FPC.
>You will be able to use Lazarus and FPC to build something else that
>requires the use of Gnome or whatever but the LCL itself will not
>require it. We do not want to force anyone into a specific widget to be
>able to use the LCL.
>The IDE itself is an application that uses the LCL. Right now they are
>building the IDE using the GTK version of the LCL because that is the
>most complete widget set currently in the LCL. However as more widget
>set interfaces are developed you will be able to use the IDE in the
>environment of your choice to them build applications in the environment
>of your choice.
>Following your examples above, the IDE will not need sound support.
>Applications it builds will need it and those applications could be
>built with the Gnome widget set which has that feature. The Gnome
>interface of the LCL would work with and understand this Gnome feature
>and how to use it. But the LCL or IDE isn't tied to it in anyway.
>Delphi and Kylix are built to a specific environment. You can still
>write applications for different environments with them but you have to
>use the environment that they specified if you want to use Delphi and
>Kylix. They don't give you a choice. Lazarus does/will give you a choice
>as to what environment you actually want to work in. After that you will
>be able to build whatever for whatever.
Ok, I understand. The IDE itself can indeed do without the above 
features, perhaps except printing.
Has anyone thought about this issue? Any ideas?


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