[lazarus] Lazarus freeze XFree

Kevin Berry kevinbe71 at yahoo.com
Tue Feb 19 15:55:36 EST 2002

Alexander,  I noticed the same problem on my system (Mandrake 8.1).  Lazarus was working fine, but as soon as I moved the button component around, double-clicked the button and tried to change the caption for the button my box started gradually becoming less responsive until it froze up (the hard drive was thrashing so it probably means that it was chewing up a huge amount of virtual memory or something).  I eventually switched out of XWindows and killed the session.
Lazarus has come a long way since I looked at it last...  Good work guys.
  Michal Bukovjan <michal.bukovjan at openone.cz> wrote: 
Hi,this may be more of a XFree86 problem. 4.2.0 is pretty new and reported to be sometimes unstable.What card are you using?Do you have anything in your system logs?MichalAlexander Reiter wrote:>hello all,>> i've a problem with the current lazarus version (cvs). i can> compile the whole source and start lazarus but when i try to> select a component for example a button, the whole applications> starts to work very very very slow. when you press a key (ALT-key)> you can switch the window focus but after one minute the> whole xfree freezes (or just the input devices like mouse and> keyboard).>> my current configuration: Lazarus (cvs), fpc 1.0.5 (version to > compile the current lazarus source code, XFree 4.2.0, gtk 1.2.10,> rest standard SUSE 7.3>> br> alex>>>>_________________________________________________________________> To unsubscribe: mail lazarus-request at miraclec.com with> "unsubscribe" as the Subject> archives at http://www.miraclec.com/list_archives/lazarus>_________________________________________________________________To unsubscribe: mail lazarus-request at miraclec.com with"unsubscribe" as the Subjectarchives at http://www.miraclec.com/list_archives/lazarusDo You Yahoo!?
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