[lazarus] Some more Bugs

Jens Arm Jens.Arm at gmx.de
Wed Feb 20 11:11:03 EST 2002


Some more not correct working things:
1. If you click after a File/Close or if you have choosen
   a Program/Project in the DownArrow of the ObjectInspector-Combo
   and then move the mouse into the Textarea of the Combo (where still
   Form1 is standing) then you get a pretty SegFault.
   You can try to typ some text in the combo-Textfield, too, then
   you get a SegFault, too :(
2. The chooseable editor-shortcuts should be attuned with the shown
3. The Compiler-Message-Window is always hidden through the editor
   Could the messages not be integrated into the editor
   as a second section like in Delphi?
4. Where is the output of the running program (if you run over run/run)
   visible? There should be s.th. like an outputwindows, where it is possible to
   input things, if the running prog want some input.
5. The Editor-Options on the General-Tab (I have only tested with No Caret/No
   selection and Bracked Highlight options) are set to the default values if you 
   open the Dialog a second time.
   You see that if you look into the generated XML-File, the checkboxes
   are OK, but not the file.
6. A menu-Seperator between "Build all"/"run" would be nice.
   (looks better I think)
7. Which parts of the Debugger work and which not ?

A question:
Where can I get RPMs of the FPC 1.1-Beta?
I can't generate my own RPMs. I get if I try it
many errors.


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