[lazarus] To reduce Spam on this list

Michael A. Hess mhess at miraclec.com
Wed Feb 20 11:58:13 EST 2002


While we don't get SPAM on this list too often it can be often enough
that it gets annoying. The way that SPAM gets through now is due to the
fact that we allow unsubscribed submissions. It is possible to send
email to the list without being subscribed to it. In the past we turned
this off but it then limited people to only being able to send email to
the list from the same email address that they received email at.
Several people like to receive it at one but be able to send from

Well I have found a simple way to fix this problem. What it will require
is that you send me your alternative email addresses. It isn't an
automatic feature of the list. You subscribe with your regular address
that you want to receive email at and then send me an alternative list
of email address that you want to be able to send email from.

Send this list of email addresses to my private email address, not to
the list.   :-)

I plan on turning of the unsubscribed submission feature on Friday so
please get me your email addresses before then or you will not be able
to submit to the list from alternate addresses.

Talk at you later,
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Michael A. Hess      Miracle Concepts, Inc.
mhess at miraclec.com   http://www.miraclec.com

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