[lazarus] new not correct working things

Mattias Gaertner nc-gaertnma at netcologne.de
Fri Feb 22 11:08:44 EST 2002

On Fri, 22 Feb 2002 11:08:26 +0100
Jens Arm <Jens.Arm at gmx.de> wrote:

> Hi
> Some new not correct working things and questions:
> 1.  The undo limit isn't saved correctly.


> 2.  The UnDo-MenuItem does not work. The Shortcut works (only if the editor
>     is the active window).
>     Looks like all the Edit-MenuItems don't work, if I click on them!

all fixed

> 3.  The Tab-Width-Combo in the Editor-Options don't work.
>     It doesn't react to clicks and you cannot edit directly.

Perhaps, because the combobox is disabled.
Does your theme not show, that it is disabled?

> 4.  If I type ctrl-space the identifier completion should be started, but
>     the code template is starting.


> 5.  If I hit ctrl-j and then ctrl-space always the old data from the ctrl-j
>     before is in the appearing window or wrong data.


> Looks like point 4 + 5 are doing wrong things only if I edit a program without
> forms (perhaps without classes -> problems?).

The identifier completion (Ctrl-Space) is currently only a workaround. It does show the properties of the current form.
The identifier completion is a very complex task. But I'm sure I can get something similar in the next two weeks...

> 6.  If I iconify the Lazarus-Main-Windows only this window is shown as icon.
>     I think all other open Lazarus-Windows (Editor/OI/...) should iconify, too.

added to my wishlist.

> 7.  Does this pretty UNIX-Cut-and-Paste over the middle-Mouse-button
>     working in the Editor? I MISS IT :(:(:(

Works fine for me.
The question is, does the middle mouse button come to synedit, or is the primary selection out of order.
What happens, if you select some text in the source editor and do a mid-mouse click?
What happens, if you select some text in the source editor and do a mid-mouse click in a terminal?

> 8.  What formats can the TImage-Component display/decode at the moment?

xpm. But the TImage relies on TGraphic, which is currently only a gtk-specific workaround. When I finished the nice-to-have source editor functions, I will improve that. I think, the LCL should handle bmp, xpm and ico format. Hopefully I will manage to get it compatible enough, to use all the Delphi graphic units. Can't say, when it will be available. Hopefully in two months.

> 9.  The OI-Background-Color setting in the Environment-Options has
>     no effect and get not saved correct.

added to my bug list.

> At the moment I have to write a little Numeric-Program for study :(
> and as IDE I use Lazarus :)
> That's the reason for finding at the moment so much things :)

That's what I like of open source. Users will test for bugs, before yourself runs into them. Plz go on.
I think, it is nice of you, to collect bugs in one mail, instead of flooding the list. :)
Although sometimes you mix up IDE bugs and LCL questions. e.g. the TImage support. I think, it helps other users to search for and quicklook if you split them.


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