[lazarus] A bug in XML???

Matjaz Mihelic matooo at email.si
Thu Feb 28 19:01:05 EST 2002

TDOMAttr has Name and Value propertys,  but only Name is actualy being 
asociated with reading.
Calling GetNodeValue is not possible from program since it's protected.

I used component override, but I wonder if this bug could be corrected 
in next fpc for lazarus.

  TDOMAttr = class(TDOMNode_WithChildren)
    FSpecified: Boolean;
    AttrOwner: TDOMNamedNodeMap;
    function  GetNodeValue: DOMString; override;
    procedure SetNodeValue(AValue: DOMString); override;

    constructor Create(AOwner: TDOMDocument);
    function CloneNode(deep: Boolean; ACloneOwner: TDOMDocument): 
TDOMNode; override;
    property Name: DOMString read FNodeName;
    property Specified: Boolean read FSpecified;
//    property Value: DOMString read FNodeValue write SetNodeValue;     
 WRONG ONE causes Value not to be updated
    property Value: DOMString read GetNodeValue write SetNodeValue;     
PROBABLY at least it's working correct for me

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