[lazarus] old delphi conversion & lrs

John August johna at babel.apana.org.au
Sat Jul 13 21:55:07 EDT 2002

I'm converting an old Delphi program to lazarus, but have trouble with
the resources.

There's a file bcddisp2.dfm which I've converted to bcddisp2.lrs. I'm
concerned about the .PAS rather than .pp files referred to, but that's
not the problem.

There are never any references to bcddisp2.lrs when I do an strace during
the compilation or execution. During compilation, a 'stat' is done once
on this file, regardless of the presence or absence of the {$I ... }

A code section follows :

{$I bcddisp2.lrs}
writeln ('in initialise code');

And I do get the 'in initialise code' being displayed. But the lrs file
does not enter the picture, even to cause a bug. 

Are there additional settings to enable this, or something. 

I'm using fpc 1.0.6 and I'm pretty sure a Lazarus recent to within a
few days CVS update.

Thanks for any help,

John August

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