[lazarus] Newbie

Luciano Coutinho Barcellos majnun at ig.com.br
Thu Jul 25 00:41:28 EDT 2002

Hello, friends.
    First of all, sorry my english. 
I must practice a lot before I feel sure I'm writing correctly. So, please, 
sorry any mistakes.
    Let me introduce myself. My name 
is Luciano Barcellos, I live in Brazil and I work with software 
development since about 10 years ago. Now I use Delphi (version 5), 
although I have a good practice with C language and a small 
experience with i386 assembly.
    I'm very interested on 
FreePascal and Lazarus project. I've got the source tree of both ones from CVS 
and I'm just getting started on it all (CVS, WinCVS, freepascal, and 
    My experience with Linux is 
almost zero. I have it installed on my computer, I've tested some softwares, 
mainly the games :-) , but nothing so exciting besides that. I even didn't 
configure my ISDN connection to Internet yet. I hope I'm going to do 
that someday.
    I'm writing this message because 
I would like to know what can I do for help the Lazarus project on my free time. 
And what documentation should I have contact with for being able to help. Maybe 
one of the answers shoud be "install and try Lazarus first". Yes, because I 
didn't finish the installation yet. Actually, as I've said, I've just downloaded 
the CVS tree, and I'm still going to compile it on my Windows 98. Hope it 
works!! Well, you will know. :-)
    I have some other questions, 
too: appoximatedly, how many people are we on this list? And how many people on 
Lazzarus team?
    Well, that's all for now. I'll 
be back! 
    Best regards,

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