[lazarus] How do I build Lazarus for Win32 from CVS sources?

Luciano Coutinho Barcellos majnun at ig.com.br
Thu Jul 25 13:29:00 EDT 2002

Dear friends,
    Here I am again and my 
question is on subject.
    I have the FPC 1.0.6 instaled on 
my harddisk (C:\GNU\FPC), and the sources of 
Lazarus saved in C:\GNU\Lazarus.
    I've set the PATH so it includes 
the path for the Win32 binaries of FPC (C:\GNU\FPC\BIN\WIN32) and then 
I've typed "make" from the Lazarus sources root directory 
    The last lines returned by the 
command are listed below.
    If this is not the list to make 
this kind of question, please, let me know.
    Best Regards,
<FONT face="Courier New" 
C:/GNU/FPC/BIN/WIN32/ppc386.exe -gl -Fu. 
-FU../units -di386 allcodetoolunits.ppFree Pascal Compiler version 1.0.6 
[2002/04/23] for i386Copyright (c) 1993-2002 by Florian KlaempflTarget 
OS: Win32 for i386Compiling allcodetoolunits.pp64 Lines compiled, 2.1 
secMAKE.EXE[2]: Leaving directory 
`C:/Gnu/lazarus/components/codetools'MAKE.EXE[1]: Leaving directory 
lazarus.resMAKE.EXE[1]: Entering directory `C:/Gnu/lazarus'windres -i 
lazarus.rc -o lazarus.res --preprocessor 
windres: no resourcesMAKE.EXE[1]: *** 
[lazarus.res] Error 1MAKE.EXE[1]: Leaving directory 
`C:/Gnu/lazarus'C:\GNU\FPC\BIN\WIN32\MAKE.EXE: *** [ide] Error 

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