[lazarus] How do I build Lazarus for Win32 from CVS sources?

Luciano Coutinho Barcellos majnun at ig.com.br
Mon Jul 29 01:52:27 EDT 2002

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Subject: Re: [lazarus] How do I build Lazarus for Win32 from CVS sources?
> It should have worked but since it didn't, manually compile the resource
> then make the IDE:
> windres -i lazarus.rc -o lazarus.res
> make ide

Hello, Keith.

    Thank you for help.
    I've found a problem with the mainicon.ico file at images subdirectory.
Even the image editor of Delphi was not able to open it. I don't understand
that because I've got the sources from the CVS and I supose at least the
image files should be uncorrupted versions. So, I've substituted that file
by a copy of another one (btn_newform.ico) and then it workt!
    Well, at least the compiling process has continued until the end and the
lazarus.exe was generated. That would not necessarily have to mean that the
executable file was going to work fine. When I've tried to run it a lot of
windows associated to hidden applications, or system tray app's have
appeared on the screen. The lazarus itself was crazy, showing a lot of error
messages on its console window and a lot of applications became unstable.
The Lazaru's splash screen was showing border and the minimize, maximize and
close button, but no contents.
    I hope I'm going to find out the problem and then I'll have it running
on my system... if it's currently working fine on Win32 as long as it's
correctly compiled. Is it? I mean, the current version from CVS should
compile and work fine on Windows 98 environment?
    It seems to me that the generated version of Lazarus (which is 7Mb
large) is not using GTK+, but it's already using the Win32 LCL. So, if I
plan to join the team and help the development of Win32 LCL, what should I
do for it? At which stage is the project now? How is the Lazarus project
    Hope not being so annoying with such a lot of questions. :-)
    I have a good skill on Delphi programming and I would like to help
making Lazarus work fine on Win32 soon.


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